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does anybody know the difference between evangelism and evangelicalism?

it is confusing the crap out of me.


Top 8, The Myspace Musical.

holy crap.
it is fricken real, like an actual musical.
they are recording a cast album.
It is actually going to be preformed.
it was written by professionals, not random bored kids.
it is actually pretty funny.

holy crap.

look itttt

holy crap.

somebody is stalking me

look at that.
i was bored, so i looked up births for march 10th in random years.
so basically, i want to know how I got there.


am crazy.


It's a real barber shop...
I am the happiest person ever.
i wanna get my hair cut there...

That is just about the coolest thing in the world...

Yes I am still spazzing over this

Interviewer: Can you sing?
Depp: Not yet.

*kaitlyn dies*
"I'll tell ya son, if you don't do what you want to in life you might as well be a vegetable.

-What kind of vegetable?

Oh I don't know...a cabbage


-Burt Munroe(and a young boy who is his next door neighbor, he has a name too but I don't remember it)


*walks up to customs desk*

Border patrol person: Sir you need to wait behind the yellow line until it is your turn.

-What? Where?

Wait. Yellow line. Over there. *points*

-Oh right, sorry about that mate. *steps back to the yellow line*

*right after he steps back* Next!

-*laughs* well that didn't take too long

Mr. Burt Munroe, correct?

-That would be me.

What's your purpose for coming to the United States?

-I'm here to set a record and go down in history

Right. How so.

-By riding my indian. That's right I am going to have the worlf fastest idian. I came all the way from Kiwi-land for this. *banters on*

Fastest indian?

-Indian motorcyle

How long do you intend on staying here?

-Well however long it takes me.


-Burt Munroe(again)


Vendor: Hello sir, would you like a flower? *puts a flower in his suit front pocket*

-Oh well thank you, how much do I owe you?

However much you can afford

-*opens wallet* Well, uh...Damn you cant tell the difference between these things, they are all green.

That's wahy we call them greenbacks. Oh look, this one will do *grabs a ten from his wallet and run off*

-Hey! Wait! I think that one said ten, that's more than a one. Wait! Damn money, all looks the same


I am all done, I swear.
I love bagpipes.
They make me so happy.
I am not a musically talented person, i have tried piano, flute, clarinet, the list goes on and I was always just terrible at it, even when i practiced like crazy. But I am actually good at bagpipes. I looooooooove it.

On the otherhand I don't love boys, they are too confusing. I feel pathetic for having all of these stupid boys problems, I swear I am not boy crazy.

I leave on the 19th for mexico, a few days. I am excited, i finally get to do something other than sit around this summer.

Oh one more thing, I got the jersey boys cast recording. I am in love. love, love, love. And now I am ten times more jealous of you [Iman] than what i was before.
ignore my dysfunctional layout for now. when I have more time I will somehow find a way to fix it....ick

Anthony Rapp

So, CMT had this whole thing with Anthony Rapp and he spoke at the Marriott and my friend melinda was going because she is part of CMT and she took me along. It was really interesting. I got "Without You" and I got it signed, but because of the huge amount of people I didn't get a picture with him. But Melinda's sisiter, mylissa had bought a VIP pass, which meant she got to go to this little after reception like thing. So we were walking with her trying to find where it was and finally when we found it we also found him. I still didn't get a picture but we nearly ran into him and killed him(but not really). He was really sweet. I am happy.